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Kiyosumi – in your arms


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Release Note:
– Strictly limited to 500 units.

– Fully remastered to match Kiyosumi’s original vision.

– Pressed on 33RPM, 160g vinyl using two sets of stampers for maximum sound quality.

– “Nightmare” half white/half transparent color scheme with a unique dual splatter pattern.

– 350GSM sleeve with high-quality matte print.

– Hand-numbered on the back.

– Double-sided felt slipmat.

– One random keychain for each units.

– Polylined inner sleeve and PE protective outer sleeve.

Kiyosumi is a fresh new composer who started producing in early 2023. Their first album, is it just a delusion, rapidly made the rounds, garnering over 300k views on YouTube.

By producing a unique mix of drum and bass with elements of breakcore, Kiyosumi quickly captured attention with their distinctive style and atmosphere. Their second album, in your arms, takes a more atmospheric approach inspired by the anime Call of the Night, which provides a unique listening experience reminiscent of sleep and the realm of dreams.

Phantoms Records collaborated with Kiyosumi to turn this project into a unique vinyl record.

All songs were entirely remastered in studio with high-end analog gear, providing a highly-dynamic, rich, crisp signature.

A1 yuukoku
A2 cruise
A3 oyasumi
A4 thinking of you
B1 yume o mitai
B2 fall asleep
B3 hypnagogia feat. Deadmemxry


Music Production:

Graphic Design and Layout:

Mastered at Martinete Studio
Distributed and Produced by Phantoms Records

Please note that, due to a printing error on the credits, a sticker will be provided with each order to be placed on top of the original credits at your convenience.

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Kiyosumi – in your arms

Availability: Only 25 left in stock